Warning! Youth Sports Programs... If you collect Personal Information from children under age 13, you could be shut down and your bank accounts frozen by the FTC, plus you could get sued for big bucks if you can’'t verify parental consent for your injury waiver form for kids under 13 and over 13...

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No Special Knowledge Required!" COPPA Compliance Line Break

From: Chip Cooper, Esq.
RE: Saving Your Youth Sports League, Program, Tournament, or Training Program

Dear Youth Sports League Administrator, Tournament Director, Coach or Trainer -

If you collect personal information from a child under age 13, you're regulated by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)!

Substantial new amendments effective July 1, 2013 were passed with the best of intentions - protecting our children from online predators.

But they make COPPA compliance much more difficult and your legal exposure much greater.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is aggressively looking for COPPA violators.

If fail to comply, fines are up to $16,000 - not total, but PER VIOLATION! That's $16,000 for each kid you signed up without COPPA compliance!!

And guess what - Ignorance is no excuse! And the FTC doesn't give warning tickets.

To comply, you need to implement the FTC's 6-Step plan for COPPA compliance.

Plus, if one of your kids is injured in a game or practice, you're liable for big bucks if you can't verify the parent's acceptance of your injury waiver form!

Check Out A Few Of These Recent
FTC COPPA Lawsuits And Settlements

Artist Arena LLC – October 2, 2012 - $1,000,000

Attorney Chip Cooper Shows another example of a COPPA, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance, Lawsuit which could have been easily prevented

RockYou, Inc. – March 27, 2012 - $250,000

Attorney Chip Cooper Shows the Results of not being protected from the COPPA, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance Law after a data breach

Skidekids.com and Jones O. Godwin – November 8, 2011 - $100,000

Attorney Chip Cooper shows the downside risk of not staying COPPA compliant, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliant, when running children's websites
COPPA Attorney Chip Cooper shows the negative results of not being COPPA compliant

Playdom, Inc. and Howard Marks – May 12, 2011 - $3,000,000

Attorney Chip Cooper shows another example of COPPA non-compliance, also known as Children's Online Privacy Protection Act non-compliance, this time with illegally collected and disclosed children's personal information
Protect Yourself...
From Lawsuits For Failure To Verify Parental Consent For Your Injury Waiver Form...
Plus Easily Automate Your Parental
Sign-Up Process!

Watch this video, and learn how our Online Verified Parental Consent Service will revolutionize parental consent for COPPA Compliance and your Injury Waiver Form...

COPPA Compliance Deliverables
Your COPPA Compliance Program And Verified Parental Consent For Your Injury Waiver Form Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!
Your 3 Easy Steps To Peace Of Mind Today!

This is all you have to do with Parental Consent Online™.

Step 1 - Login To Members Area And Watch My 5 Minute Videos.

Step 2 - Create And Post Your COPPA Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to Your Site.

  • You answer questions online.

  • My online software creates Done-For-You documents For Immediate Delivery.

Step 3 - Install Link to Parental Consent Online Verification Service And Attach Your COPPA Notice And Injury Waiver Form To Automate Parental Consent.

Our Parental Consent Online Verification Service uses the same method for COPPA Verifiable Consent that was approved by the FTC effective December 23, 2013!

Federal Trade Commission Letter

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